3 Dozen Black Magic and 3 Dozen Mallard Fatal Flashers - EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!
Black Magic Decoy Blocks
Black Magic Decoy Blocks

3 Dozen Black Magic and 3 Dozen Mallard Fatal Flashers - EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

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Get an amazing deal with this special! You'll receive 3 dozen Black Magic Decoy Blocks PLUS 3 dozen Mallard Fatal Flashers!

The hottest innovation to duck hunting in years. Black Magic Decoys are the greatest supplement to your decoys since weights! We all want the same thing....to kill more more ducks, but are the features and ideas of leading decoy manufacturers really going to help you bag more birds? Does Ultra Vision Paint, Flocked Heads, or photo images attract birds, or are they meant to attract hunters?

Duck hunting is not a beauty contest, and these companies all make products to actually attract the hunter, not the ducks! Any seasoned hunter will tell you the keys to attracting ducks to your decoys are visibility, movement and shear numbers. Black Magic addresses all three of these elements.

1. Visibility. Black has a much higher color contrast than naturally colored decoys. Don't believe us? Look on the Ducks Unlimited web site for the following articles....Freshwater Marsh Decoy Spread and Creative Decoy Strategies. Both articles discuss the idea of using dark colored decoys for more visibility. Rick Nemecek a lifelong duck hunter and guide in the Sandusky Bay Marshes says "I am a big believer in using black or dark colored decoys...I've talked to biologists who fly aerial waterfowl surveys and they told me the first thing they see when they notice ducks on the water is their black profiles." Black Magic Decoys are all black, no hens no drakes, no heads...just a black profiles on the water.

2. Movement. We made Black Magic Decoys to be much lighter than standard decoys. They are approximately one half a pound and do not have a heavy keel. As a result they move around in even the lightest winds or ripple on the water. How many times have you been hunting and ducks are spooked due to no decoy movement? Not with Black Magic Decoys! How many products have been introduced recently trying to show movement on the water? Black Magic Decoys take care of all of that without the high price tag and the need to recharge batteries all the time. They simply flow back and forth the entire time they are on the water.

3. Numbers. We all know more decoys are desirable. It is attractive to ducks to see large numbers of birds on the water. Black Magic Decoys are designed to be stackable so you can carry more into the marsh with you, or add significant numbers to your current spread without emptying your wallet. Black Magic Decoys are half the price of today's decoys offered by other companies. You can add over 2 dozen decoys to your spread for the price of 1 dozen standard decoys. Plus it is not as big a deal when your hunting buddy shoots holes in your decoys chasing cripples! At this price simply get another dozen.

"Everyone who hunts ducks knows that black is the most visible color on the water. The concept that Black Magic has is perfect, the decoys are lightweight, molded in the color black, and an inexpensive supplement to any spread. I am convinced these could be a huge factor in low water conditions or areas surrounded by trees where decoy movement or visibility is an issue. I look forward to using them this season."
Mel DeLang - 1963 World Duck Calling Champion

"Decoy companies keep trying to improve on realism. We have flocked heads, photo imprints, and UV Paint to name a few. The facts are that black attracts birds, movement attracts birds, and shear numbers attract birds. Black Magic accomplishes all three. I look forward to promoting them at local DU Banquets and I especially look forward to using them this fall. They should give us the advantage we need."
Dave Riley - Former Ducks Unlimited Executive

"When you hunt in a competitive area you need every advantage. Black Magic Decoy Blocks will be that difference. Lightweight that will show motion in the slightest wind, and the color black (which we all know is the most visible color) will separate our spread from everyone else. I am excited to use them this season and turn my friends on to what could revolutionize the decoy market."
Troy Dodge - Co-founder of the Mississippi Valley Calling Association

Black Magic Decoys are not pretty, but neither are duck hunters (although all of us probably know guys who try to be and we do not want to be associated with them anyway). Decoys are meant to help hunters kill ducks. Black Magic Decoys are innovative, simply designed, inexpensive and most importantly effective. Give a dozen or two a try and get ready to believe in the new decoy revolution.

We thank you for your patronage and look forward to hearing your stories.